Jungian Languages

What’s this about? Carl Jung never discussed languages!

No he didn’t. He was a psychologist. This post is actually about communicating and how the Holy Spirit helps us communicate with different personalities.

This ties into Carl Jung’s theories on cognitive functions. Cognitive functions are the ways in which we process information. The way we communicate. Under Jung’s theory, there are eight functions. There are 16 combinations of four of those functions that appear in people.

Our communication style often stems from our cognitive functions. They are like languages. The problem is that we don’t always understand these languages. The answer is the Holy Spirit.

God designed our personalities. He created our cognitive functions as unique ways to reflect him. He can give us the insight as to better explain things so that others will understand. The best part is that He frees our hearts from whether or not others understnd us.

This was quite freeing for me. I often felt like because of my intelligence, very few people understood me. This is because a lot of what I say will go over people’s heads. But, that’s okay. I’m content. God understands me and that is good enough.

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