Do I Pray Out Loud?

Things religion made me self-conscious about: praying out loud. If I want to be a great husband, I should pray out loud. Many believers think that praying out loud means that you are verbally expressing something to God. But if you see that prayer is our union with God, then you will see that praying out loud is any expression of what the Holy Spirit produces in us.

The Holy Spirit is in me and thinks in me. It is a fellowship in which our thoughts are one. This leads us to verbally speak out of that union. Any verbal expression of that union is prayer out lout.

Directly expressing ourselves out loud includes directly expressing ourselves to God, but includes much more. If I explain the word to someone, that is praying out loud. If you encourage someone in the Word, that is praying out loud. If you prophecy or use a word of wisdom, that is praying out loud.

So don’t let those religious lies discourage you. Just speak what is on your heart.

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