Bible Knowledge

I was on the phone with a friend and going off about theology. The talk covered everything from Sheol to how Exodus is about God’s desire to dwell with man. He commented that he did not have as much Bible knowledge. That’s fine. That’s not evil. The Bible is a tool to see the Word, and you can have little Bible knowledge but understanding of the Word.

The Bible, not Jesus, is the Word. The Greek word for Word is logos, which means “thought or idea.” It’s God’s way of thinkimg that he put in Jesus. YYou can have tons of Bible knowledge and have no clue how God thinks.

But, Bible knowledge is one way God shows us how He thinks. As I study the Bible, I get no new truths. I just get different ways to see the same truth of how death was conquered in the resurrection of Jesus.

Not everyone is gifted to teach the Word like me. That’s okay. The body of Christ needs administrators, practical helpers, prophets, shepherds, apostles, evangelists and other roles.

This is why I am often tired. I have no resurrection fellowship. I’m a teacher. I’m not a shepherd. Without a shepherd, why will minister through personal relationships? What about an evangelist to share the gospel with others?

Teaching is a time consuming gift. It takes hours of continual study. Then I have to work everything out on my dry erase board. That’s why I have this donation page. If you support this ministry I will have more time to show you Jesus in the Bible. The truth is, when I gain Bible knowledge, I don’t gain more truth; I just have a different way to see the same truth.

However much you understand in the Bible is okay. If a person boasts that they know the Bible, ask them to quote the whole thing in Greek and Hebrew from memory. It’s about seeing who Jesus is, not knowing a book.

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