Slidell’s Life

I watched a video of an African wild cat. The animal sleeps lightly and investigates every sound. It gets up to see what it is. The African wild cat is the ancestor to the house cat. They were domesticated years ago and went through a physical changes as they became house cats, but the behavior has remained the same.

This is why cats become curious. They tend to at least get curious about sounds. It’s a survival instinct. The cat needs to know if it’s a threat, harmless, or food. But, my cat, Slidell, does not investigate any sounds. I even made a few sounds for her to investigate, but she slept.

What’s going on? She feels safe. She knows that there are know real threats. All she knows is that her life is taken care of. Nothing harmful ever comes into her territory (my apartment).

All she knows is that her life is cared for. She has all the food she needs. She is free to do what she wants.

This captivates my heart because this is the life God intends for us. We were designed to live knowing that our lives are taken care of. The problem is that the death in the world will tell us our lives are not taken care of.

The same thing happened to Jesus. It looked like His ife was not taken care of. He was nailed naked to a cross and died as His friends abandoned Him. Yet, we see in His resurrection that His life was taken care of.

I do feel like my life is not taken care of. Money is super tight. I have no close friends. My sleep has been terrible. But the resurrection of Jesus tells me my life is taken care of. From that platform, I live like Slidell, knowing everything is taken care of.

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