Chasing Girls

I would meet a girl. I would sense in my spirit that nothing would happen with her. I would still go after her. This pattern would repeat over and over again. Religion taught me that God told us what to do and we just followed the commands.

When I lived by a command to do what God said, my flesh was lusting after a wife. It tried on it’s own to find wife.

This mentality of doing the things that God tells us to flies in the face of God. God works through the heart. His only command is to believe in Him for eternal life. Once I believe in Him for eternal life, he guides me through decisions through the desires of my heart. He can give me the desire to do something, or the desire not to do something.

Now I don’t need a wife to be content. If I don’t want to chase after a particular girl, I am free not to. It’s nice that it’s not a command to follow. I get to live from my heart.