Capitalism vs Socialism

The two most common economic systems.

I grew up in a conservative household. The expectation was that I would work hard and get a decent paying job. That has not happened. Conservative philosophy would tell me that I need to make better decisions. Progressive philosophy would tell me that it’s because of flaws in the capitalist system. And I can tell you that both sides miss the point.

The truth is that all economic systems fall short of God’s life. They cannot produce immortality. They cannot produce the fruit of the spirit. And neither capitalism or socialism can end poverty.

That’s right. Both systems have failed to end poverty. Both are full of corruption and greed. Both will leave some people well off while others starve. And quite frankly, if we are immortal, we would not even need economic prosperity.

Why do I say that? On the return of Jesus, God will give immortality to those who accept is as a free gift. Why will I need money for food or healthcare. Why will I need shelter? Why will I need a bed to sleep in. Those things cannot maintain my life. They will fade and my body will be maintained by God.

To be honest, I could have made better mistakes to be well off financially. I did not know any better and I don’t beat myself up. With that in mind, I will shoot to make decent money doing something I enjoy. If I don’t make it, I am still peaceful.

Since I am not caught up in political ideologies I am free to look at an individual’s situation and see how to help them. One possibility is to not help them if they are not willing to do the work. Another possibility is to help them create a career path. In the end, it would not be from a need to fix all the problems in the world. It would just be my own unique way of reflecting God.