About Us

New Adam Ministries exists to explore what it means that sin and death has been defeated in the resurrection of Jesus. We also produce strategic resources to get people grounded in the word.

Our resources include the Word on the Go app, the Word of the Resurrection book series, other books, and the Resurrection Wiki.

About James Tuttle

My life was plagued by difficulties with girls. A week after I graduated high school, a psychologist diagnosed me with Asperger’s, a mild form of autism. When I was twenty-eight, I was frustrated with the fact that I was single. My heart knew through the Holy Spirit that my frustration with singleness was because there was something about grace that I was not getting.

I drove from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma for the Grace United Conference, where I started listening to Bertie Brits preach the full truth of the resurrection of Jesus. It totally transformed my life. After a while, I was finally content being single.

This message of the resurrection has heavily influenced my life in so many areas. It is the belief system through which I see everything. It guards my heart from the cares of this world. Now, I am sharing this truth with you.

I currently live in San Antonio, Texas with my cat, Slidell.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I treat my Asperger’s through sulphoraphane and a special probiotic called All Star Nutrition Bio Heal.
  • My cat is a Manx, meaning she doesn’t have a tail. She is named after the town of Slidell, Louisiana because that’s where Gospel Revolution Church is. Those people are family.
  • I celebrated my 26th birthday in a French Hospital. I was not the one in the hospital. There are also five birthdays in a row in my family. It starts with my niece’s. Mine is the fourth day. My dad’s birthday is the day after mine.
  • I like to meet celebrities at comicons. I’ve met Steve Urkel, Kevin from The Office, that Imperial officer that insulted Vader’s religion, the flag pole kid from A Christmas Story, Pincipal Belding from Saved by the Bell, Henry Winkler, and a few others.
  • On a missions trip to Albania, I made the national news for volunteering in a local town. I also did prison ministry there.
  • I love minivans.