What We Believe

We believe the Word of God, that was made flesh in Jesus Christ, which says:

  • God’s love for man is His good opinion about man and how he sees beauty in value in man.
  • Man is beautiful and valuable because he is made in the image of God.
  • God created man for the purpose of loving him and having a friend.
  • Sin is to have eternal life apart from God. Because eternal life comes from God, such a belief system leads to death.
  • God did not want to lose man, so he wanted to save man from this belief system.
  • Jesus took on our sin, the same weak and dying flesh as us, yet believed that God was a loving Father who freely gives us eternal life.
  • Jesus was physically resurrected from the dead to prove that eternal life is a free gift to all who accept it.
  • When Jesus returns, all the dead shall be resurrected. Those who believe in the resurrection of Jesus shall receive immortality and dwell forever with God on a restored Earth. Those who reject eternal life as a free gift shall cease to be.
  • The life of a Christian is all about enjoying to love of God. He renews our minds to the very same belief system as Jesus, the belief that God loves us and he will some day resurrect us from the dead.
  • The Word of God produces the fruit of the Spirit.
  • The promise of eternal life puts human flesh to rest and stops it from trying to preserve it’s life. The efforts of man to preserve his life is the works of the flesh.
  • The promise of eternal life produces the fruit of the Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit is the mind of God that dwells in all who believe in the resurrection. The believer and the Holy Spirit are one mind. The truth of the resurrection of Jesus synchs the mind of the believer with the Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible points to the Word that was made flesh in Jesus. The only way to understand the Bible is to understand how Jesus is the Word made flesh.