Who is Jesus?

You might be wondering what Christianity is all about. You might be wondering who Jesus is. Jesus is simply a man who came to show us that God is a loving father that freely gives eternal life as a free gift.

This is because God created man just for the mere purpose of loving man. However, man rejected God’s gift of eternal life and decided to have life by his own works. The result of the attitude is death, because eternal life only comes from God.

God did not want to lose us. So, he created a man named Jesus who took on our sin and death. Jesus believed in God for eternal life. God then raised Jesus from the grave just to show that He gives eternal life as a free gift to all who believes.

If you put your faith in the resurrection of Jesus, you too shall be raised from the grave and loved by God for all eternity.

Please keep hearing the truth of the resurrection of Jesus from this ministry’s resources.